GAMCO offers Models for the prediction of cash needs in financial institutions (branches and ATMs), commercial surfaces, geographical areas, etc.

These predictive models are the basis for the cash optimization solution: reduction of fixed assets, better management of requests to the transport company and reduction of urgent services, etc.

Behavior Maps

Behavior Maps

They allow to detect patterns of behavior in groups of clients and the study of the influential variables in different regions.
  • Customers and movements download on demand
  • Snapshots for new data sets: save historical data
  • Choice of sets of variables and variables to represent
  • Comparison of behavior patterns types


Product recommendation and simulation for banking customers
  • Search engine for clients and applicants
  • Intuitive interface to perform simulations of recommendations according to the modified variables
  • Result of recommendations and simulations in the act
  • Integration through APIs in bank systems for real-time request responses


AIR allows the user to export and download the data in a few steps
  • Recommendations by product type
  • Behavior patterns
  • Prediction and estimation of the models

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